Paranormal Science

Paranormal Science can lead us to uncover solutions to paranormal mysteries which then come within our comprehension.

Is there someone or something OUT THERE sandblasting away at the surface of Saturnís moons? Why are they so incredibly white and super reflective?

Researcher, Anne Verbischer and her colleagues, at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville may have come up with an explanation for this phenomenon.

One of Saturnís icy moons, Enceladus appears to being issuing minute particles of ice crystals from its polar regions. These volcanic ice eruptions burst across the surrounding space, covering its neighbouring moons with this pristine white coating which was first observed by astronomers during a rare alignment of the Sun, Earth and Saturn which took place in 2005. In our Universe there are paranormal phenomenon which can be explained.

Asportation. The word Asportation does not easily roll off the tongue nor find its way into everyday conversation. It means the opposite of Apportation. Asports are items which disappear from a room during a seance and regardless of solid walls reappear at some other location.

Have you ever wondered why a handfulof scientists, the ones paid by the taxpayers, claim that we are in a period of global warming and that that global warming is caused by us driving around in our 4 x 4 gas guzzlers? There have been plenty of global warming eras on our planet and none of them were caused by humans. Nor were the ensuing global coolings or ice ages. The last global warming incident lasted centuries during the early mediaeval period. It was atime of great prosperity.. The Vikings colonised Iceland and Greenland. Greenland had a pleasant climate allowing wheat to be grown. In scotland, the Roman historian noted that the native tribes went about naked all year. That is something which they do not do now.

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