Paranormal and Weird

Have you, or anyone close to you experienced an apparently paranormal event and you wish to share it with the world?

You can through this page: email us at and give a brief outline of your report. Please include whether you wish your name and, or contact email included or whether you wish to remain semi-anonymous
[e.g. H.W. of Birmingham, or whatever]

Boring, over-long, spoof and clearly made up stories will be edited or rejected. For your guidance/entertainment here is a spoof example ...

“When I returned from the supermarket the other day, I got a bit of a shock on opening my front door. Space Aliens had arrived.

No, they weren’t sitting on the settee watching T.V. but they had been there. And worse, they had very carefully removed everything from my house, even Tiddles our cat.

But ... and here is the really weird thing. They had then cunningly replaced every item in the house, yes, including Tiddles, with complete and perfect working replicas. No one would ever know that they had been there. But, I was on to them.”
[sent in by Alan Ding-Syted, East Cheam Railway Cuttings, Near London

Here is one which is true ...

If you have been lucky enough to see the film ‘Forbidden Planet ‘[1952] which starred a very young Leslie Nielsen, you may have noticed the real star of the film, Robbie the Robot.

Most robots, presently available, are purely mechanical in their function. The sophisticated interactivity of Robbie the Robot is a mere dream... or rather was a mere dream.

One of the world’s premier roboticists, Professor Cynthia Breadzeal, says that emotions play an important role in guiding attention to what is really important. Many roboticists around the world are working to produce robots with emotions. Heaven forfend that any of them they go into politics!

Forget about wondering if lightning really can strike in the same place twice ... how about being run over by a car twice in the same day? And it gets worse. On the 27th February 2007 a man from Rayleigh in Essex, England was hit by a BMW at 12.30 am just near to the Southend General Hospital. Barely recovered, and just 30 minutes later, the same man was hit again at traffic lights by a van, suffering serious head injuries. He was taken to the Southend General.

Now here is some really practical recycling ...
In the Australian city of Darwin, every June they hold a Beer Can Regatta. All of the entries must be built from beer or soft drink cans.

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