Paranormal and Parapsychology Courses

The Institute’s parent college, The College of Management Science, London  offers a wide range of distance learning courses in the field of paranormal investigation and parapsychology. You can view an up to date list of those course at

Paranormal Investigator [Dip.P.I.] This course is one of the leading courses in the field.Used and recommended by local Paranormal and Parapsychology Societies in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Diploma programme goes through everything that you need to know to become a successful Paranormal Investigator. Topics covered include the position of the Paranormal Investigator in Parapsychology, investigative skills, investigating hauntings, Investigating techniques, interviewing techniques, management techniques for a successful paranormal society and, or a high earning paranormal investigation agency, Past Life, UFO/Alien Abduction, Remote Viewing, Out of Body experiences, Setting up a successful Paranormal Investigation Agency. The course takes you through earning money as a part-time activity or running a full time successful business including sources of income and obtaining work in the field such as acting as a consultant, author, producer, star of video and television productions and expert authority.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon [Dip.E.V.P.] Described sometimes as ‘The Cinderella Science’, this course will give you a singular and distinctive insight into what constitutes the phenomenon.
For example, why do voices from the dead often speak so accurately with the correct regional foreign accent sometimes and sometimes not, why are apparent radio messages received from World War II pilots and ships’ captains and why are the voices of folk who are still alive manifesting themselves in this phenomenon? You will obtain an unique insight into the subject, practical information about methods and equipment and learn quickly and in very straightforward terms how to become an Electronic Voice Phenomenon Investigator and Researcher.
Whilst many claim that E.V.P. are voices from the dead. The truth may be even more amazing.

UFOlogy - the study of Unidentified Flying Objects and related phenomena [Dip.Sc.] This course covers a very extensive list of sightings, examines the many natural explanations for sightings. However many remain a mystery. The simple arithmetic which we confront is, ‘how many stars are there with planetary systems ... and what percentage of them have planets just like Earth? That we are not alone, and something is OUT THERE, follows. Learn to be a respected UFO Researcher.

Science of Impossibilities [Dip.Sc.] Almost everyday we see something, which yesterday was declared impossible but now is a reality. This course equips you to see ahead and understand the scientific break-throughs which will revolutionize our world. The science behind the impossibilities, to see how they could become reality are examined: Force Fields, Invisibility, Phasers and Death Stars, Teleportation, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Robots, Extraterrestials and UFOs, Starships, anti-matter and anti-universes, travelling faster than light, time travel and parallel universes.

Remote Viewing [Dip. R.V.] How can one person sitting in a room be able to see, in real time, something happening on the other side of the world and perhaps underground?. Topics covered include History of remote viewing, the right state of mind, levels of remote viewing, remote viewer’s mental state, who makes a good remote viewer, protocols and methodologies, training and learning, applications, reporting and formal record keeping, ethics, how to judge your own results, timing and protocol sheets, remote influencing and apparitions

Parapsychology [Dip.Ppsy.] This Diploma is ideal for paranormal investigators looking to gain a good working knowledge of the psychological interaction of people when they find themselves encountering a possibly paranormal effect. Take a scientific approach to the paranormal. The subject areas covered include myths and methods, science and experience, unusual experiences, probability and coincidence, the placebo effect, beliefs, the psychology of psychic fraud, astrology, unconscious awareness, dreams, dream telepathy, awareness during anaesthesia and comas, alien abductions, meditation, paranormal cognition, near-death experiences, philosophical and methodological considerations, and society and the paranormal.

Psychic Practitioner [Dip.P.P.] You can become a successful Psychic and develop your own natural psychic powers. We all have the ability; all that we need to do is to unlock our own powers. The college’s course enables you to do that in a very practical way, the techniques used to connect with and harness spiritual power. Topics covered include a general introduction to the underlying philosophy which enables us to understand why effects work, the nature of psychic energy, learning to listen, discovering the incredible spirit web and communicating through it, psychic self-protection, psychic sightseeing, using psychic power for personal improvement and achievement, spirit guides, hauntings and exorcism, using psychic tools, magic, people as clients. Successful psychics enjoy high earnings by helping others... a spiritually beautiful win-win concept which you too can enjoy throughthe college’s course and the support it gives throughout and after graduation. All that you need is the right support. The college offers you that support now .

Hyperspace Theory [Dip.Sc.] Examine the results of research into the tenth dimension, real time travel, time warps, and gateways to other universes. 1. Entering the Fifth Dimension: worlds beyond space and time, mathematicians and mystics, the man who saw the fourth dimension, the secret of light - vibrations in the fifth dimension. 2. Unification in ten dimensions: quantum heresy, Einstein’s revenge, superstrings, signals from the tenth dimension, before creation. 3. Wormholes - Gateways to another universe: Black holes and parallel universes, to build a Time Machine, colliding universes. 4. Masters of Hyperspace: Beyond the future, the fate of the universe.

Quantum Theory (for Parapsychologists and others) [Dip.Sc.] 1. Nature’s conjuring tricks examined How can something be in two places at once?- 2. the origins of quantum:- Planck’s Constant, particles of light, dual nature of light, Niels Bohr’s work, Louis de Broglie’s work. 3. Probability and Chance:- unpredictability, anatomy of an equation, Heisenberg’s uncertatinty principle, impossible halos, radioactive decay. 4. Spooky connections:- The two-slit trick explained, particle interferometers, a dice game played on Earth and planet Pluto, Entanglement, the EPR Experiment, the EPR Paradox, Bell’s Theorem, Quantum Chaology. 5. Seeing Affects:- Schrodinger’s Cat, Decoherance. 6. Formalism -v- Interpretation:- Does a theory need an interpretation?, The Many World’s interpretation.7. The sub-atomic world:- Mystery rays, Spin, Pauli’s exclusion principle, Antimatter, quantum tunneling, Quarks. 8. Ultimate Theory:- Quantum theory of light, Guage theories, Gravity, String theory. 9. Quantum at work in our everyday lives:- Microchip world, future uses of quantum, perpetual motion electricity, energy from nuclei, quantum mechanics in medicine, genetic mutations, atomic energy and nanotechnology. 10. The future .

The course fee for one course is £325 or you can enrol in any two courses and receive a third free of charge. You can pay in full on enrolment using a debit card or a Paypal account if you have one. You can spread the payments to suit your circumstances using your credit card.
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