Ghosts and Apparitions

The British Isles are probably one of the most haunted group of islands on the planet. There may be several reasons why this is so ... perhaps, departing souls simply liked it so much that they decided to stay.

On the ĎHaunted Housesípage we list some of the known locations and will be adding to this list regularly. If you know of a haunted site or one that would qualify for listing in the most haunted sites please email us and let us have some information. Your listing will be included with an acknowledgment of your contribution. The site can be anywhere in the world.

What are Ghosts, anyway?!

Many of us, starting out on paranormal investigation would be quite happy to see a ghost, or poltergeist activity of some kind. But, after a while, some of us start to wonder what they really are.

Here are some of the options which we might consider ...

1. WYSIWYG or simply a ghost is a ghost is a ghost ... end of!

2. The appearance of a ghostly apparition is something constructed in the perceiverís mind due to local conditions and, or something going on within that person.

3. The environment in which the apparition appeared to manifest itself may include some material or artefact which acts like a recorder to retain information from the past which is triggered into replay by some event such as the witnesses interacting within the area.

4. We all live in an 11 dimensional universe and although we can easily imagine four of those dimensions [length, breadth, depth and time], the other seven dimensions are a little more tricky to visualise.

However, the fact remains that even as we sit here reading this in our three dimensional body, aware that the fourth dimension, time is passing by, our existence is also taking place on another seven dimensions. What if one of those dimensions has a time like quality? What if we are able to access these other dimensions in which we most surely exist right now and so be able to communicate in ways which our everyday world would think to be impossible?

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