Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Many of the voices detected are the voices of the dead, however, many of the voices which are recorded are actually the voices of folk who are still alive!!

Could it be that the phenomenon of electronic voices is actually more incredible than some seem to think?

The Institute accredits a diploma course by the College of Management Science in E.V.P. where you can learn about the very real effect of electronic voices.

However, less widely known is that those voices can be heard without electronic equipment. in certain circumstances.

To the extent that anything in life be easy, we might say that understanding that we live in a three dimensional world, to which is added a fourth dimension, time, is just understandable.

So what then, if there are more dimensions?

The best evidence of mathematicians and physicists is that our universe exists in eleven dimensions. Some of us who have good imaginations may be able to guess at what a fifth or even a sixth dimension might be like... after all we know from our senses of sight, hearing touch and smell that there is more to imagine. There be the sixth sense ... the psychic ability? And so, in that way we may open our minds to concepts of our very real, reality which may not be considered as being ordinary.

Back in 1966 an ex-CIA man, Cleve Backster connected a household plant up to a polygraph machine and was surprised to find that the plant could sense impending danger and threats.

More incredibly the plant could react on hearing of a threat to itself! Maybe those tree huggers are onto something.

You can find more information and learn about courses and insight into this incredible phenomenon by visiting one of our Institute’s parent sites ...


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